My Last Night in South Beach

Hah – I’m not actually in South Beach. But that sounds cool. This is my last night here in Miami. Tomorrow morning I’m heading out. The plan is to cut across and check out the Everglades and the head over to Sarasota. I hoping to stop and do one of those airboat rides. I’ve grown up in south Florida but I’ve never taken one. So that should be a lot of fun.

I’ve got a buddy from school who lives there. His family owns a Cabinet Making¬†and Outdoor Kitchen Contractor business¬†there. They’ve always been really awesome people. Brad and I first met at church camp back when we were little kids. We always went to the same week as we were growing up and continued that relationship.

Like I said, his family are really great people. I don’t think they’re rich, but they must be doing ok. Because that tree business is doing pretty well. I think the plan is for Brad to take over for his Dad someday – sooner rather than later. But anyways.

While I’m there, we’re going to check out the scene on Siesta Key and St. Armands. It’s definitely an old folks town; but there’s still some cool spots. Check out this place called the Daiquiri Deck. That is to say, as long as this storm passes over.

Sooo, I’ll catch up with you guys on the other side.


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