A Trip to the Ball Game and Springs

This weekend was a lot of fun! We went to the Gators game, hung out in Gainesville and then at some cool springs. Lots of fun! Here’s a pic from the game.

pic from ball game

Not the best seats in the house – but we had a great time. And of course, the cool springs were awesome!!! But it was kind of crazy on Friday night. There was still some leftovers of the hurricane. So that made it a little messy. But what was most crazy was getting stuck trying to get out of their “neighborhood.” I put quotes around neighborhood because there might be one other house within three miles of theirs. They live out in the sticks. Well, as much as Florida can have sticks. Which is cool 99% of the time. But it’s that 1% where you slide off the gravel road and get stuck in the ditch.

So yeah, that was fun. But I’ve got to give props to these guys who came to meet us. I’m talking about the towing company that helped us. I think the name of the company is SRQ Towing. So like I said, props to them. If you’re ever stuck in near Sarasota, give these guys a call. They go to us real quickly and were pretty cool.

Here’s a pic from the cool springs we went to.┬áIt was at Poe Springs Park. Lot’s of fun!!!

Poe Springs


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